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Average Locksmith Price

Locks and keys may sometimes break down. In such situations, we are forced to search for a person dealing with the problems like that. The occasions may be various:

  • A lockout. Either out of the house, office or vehicle;
  • Broken locks or keys jammed in the keyhole;
  • Keys closed in a car;
  • Break-in door restoration;
  • Setting of new doors or door hardware and many other situations.

When we call for a locksmith, we want to know the price he is going to charge and this is the most interesting part of our call. Actually, there are no definite prices for their services. Everything depends on a number of factors. These are:

  • The urgency of your call. If you need a quick help you’ll have to pay more;
  • The distance the locksmith has to cover. Try to find a reliable locksmith in your neighborhood. It will make the traveling distance shorter reducing the cost of services;
  • The involvement in the task. The price for key duplication will be significantly lower than the price for a home lockout;
  • Price of the parts. The cost of the new lock will be included into the bill if you need to replace the old one;
  • Type of service. Different types of services demand different tools and period of education. Automotive, commercial, emergency and housing services will be charged differently;
  • Price of labor. It depends on the sort of service you’ll order and the issue, which is to be solved;
  • Duration of work. Some processes require only a couple of minutes (e.g. extraction of the broken key) while some take several hours (e.g. door and hardware installation).
  • The expert level of the worker. A proficient locksmith spends much time and money on his education. These spendings are also included into the price of service.

The average prices of the locksmiths’ help differ varying according to the branch of work. Automotive smith prices start from 35$ for car lockout ranging to 120$ for car key replacement, cutting or duplication (in case it’s a transponder key).

You will have to pay at least 40$ to 100$ to rekey the house doors and the same fee adding 20-30$ per lock if you have them installed. As for the commercial services, their cost starts from 35$.

Anyway, you should realize that these are only approximate prices. Get to know about the smallest details when you call the locksmith service. Every action the locksmith performs is charged separately and will be included in your bill. Some locksmiths name the price but when the job is done the cost turns out to be much higher. That’s because of additional services like getting to the place of the call. Besides, the cost of the smith service increases at nighttime, on holidays and weekends. So, we recommend you to clarify all the particulars before the locksmith starts his work.