"I think that a
club house is in heaven
for the people who
miss their nephews,
nieces, daughters, sons,
and whoever else
they miss. They go
every day
if they can."

~ Cindy. Age 9

About Us
Kids' Clubhouse, originally Endings and Beginnings, began in 1993 with a support group held at Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center for children who had suffered the loss of a sibling. We currently offer programs in a variety of settings and serve children who have lost siblings, parents, and other loved ones. Kids' Clubhouse also provides presentations and in-services to the community.

The support groups are based on the model created by the Dougy Center for Grieving Children in Portland, Oregon. This center is one of the first in the United States to offer comprehensive bereavement services to families. Joan Bacon, a social worker and founder of the Endings and Beginnings program, completed the intensive training at the Dougy Center before creating the Endings and Beginnings program in St. Louis. The program grew with the addition of Paivi Tetri to the staff in 1994, and Bacon and Tetri together created the components of the program. Not-for-profit status was granted in 1997.

As our programs grew, we changed our name to Kids' Clubhouse to reflect the comprehensive nature of services offered to bereaved children. Lisa Mottola Ernst became Program Director in 2009, and Kim Selig joined her in 2011 as interim Executive Director. They continue the work to provide quality bereavement services to children, youth, and families in the greater St. Louis area.
Board of Directors
Andrea Tritinger, MSW, LCSW
Bereavement Coordinator
BJC Hospice
Jeanne Short, PNP
Civic Volunteer
Kari McCann, MSW, LCSW
Former Executive Director, The Kids' Clubhouse
Civic Volunteer
Lisa Mottola Ernst, MSW, LCSW
Program Director
Pediatric Medical Social Worker
St. Louis Children's Hospital
Kevyn Schroeder, BSN, PNP, MPH
Civic Volunteer
Katie Trouton-Alexander
Family Perspective Participant
Edward Jones
Trudy Valentine, BSN
Master of Arts, Pastoral Studies
Amy Latta
Marketing and PR Specialty
Civic Volunteer


Lisa Mottola Ernst, MSW Program Director

Lisa M. Mottola, MSW is a graduate of Saint Louis University where she received a Master's in Social Work. Ms. Mottola has served as Pediatric Medical Social Worker at St. Louis Children's Hospital for ten years. Throughout her career, she has spent the majority of time working to assist patients and families in coping with a cancer diagnosis. Ms. Mottola has facilitated various support groups for children and parents with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the HUGS (Helping Us Give Support) program at Siteman Cancer Center and the Sunsets and Stages Bereavement Program at Missouri Baptist Medical Center. Ms. Mottola also serves on the planning board and attends the American Cancer Society's family weekend, Camp Sunrise. In addition to these previous listed tasks, Ms. Mottola is continually involved in the education of social work, nursing and medical students. She is also an associate member of Children's Oncology Group and serves on the board as Treasurer for the Association of Pediatric Oncology Social Workers.

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