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10 Simple Home Security Tips

No matter if we live in a prestigious area with good neighbors or in the area with high crime level, each of us may suffer from home burglary. Of course, nobody wants to believe that it may happen to him or her. So let`s have a look at some simple tips, which can make your house a real fortress. These ideas might be useful for you. Article by locksmiths Vancouver.

1. Keep all entry doors and windows closed. Think about the reliability of the locks you have. If you are not sure of their security, you`d better change them. Besides, don`t forget about window locks. According to statistics only 30% of burglars enter through the front door, so first-storey windows must be safe too.
2. Secure all secondary entry doors (garage doors, back yard doors) and those, leading to sheds. Garage doors are usually an “easy victim” for a housebreaker because the older the door, the easier it is to open it. As for the sheds, they must be closed so that the burglar can`t use any of the instruments you keep there (for example, a ladder to get through the second storey windows).
3. Light up your yard. High percentage of break-ins happen at night because it`s easier to stay unnoticed for a thief. If you install the lights equipped with motion or heat sensors in your front and backyard, feel certain they will scare away the burglar.
4. Change all locks if you`ve moved into a new home. Nobody knows how many keys opening your new door exist. It`s not a cheap procedure, but it will make you feel safe.
5. Install security system. Depending on the crime level in your neighborhood and your financial possibilities, you may choose a basic DIY system or a fully monitored one. A minimum that may help you protect the house is an alarm and motion sensors on doors and windows.
6. Meet the neighbors. Sometimes even the best security systems fail in comparison with a sharp eye of the neighbor`s granny. These people may keep an eye on your house while you are away.
7. Put some additional door hardware (e.g. a peep hole, deadbolt). They are not expensive to install but help much in rising the level of home security.
8. Take care of the mail while you are away. Arrange the Post Office to hold your mail or ask your friends or neighbors to take it out regularly. Accumulation of the mail is a vivid sign for the burglar that you are not home.
9. Make your landscape secure. Don`t plant trees and bushes too close to the house. Trees may help in reaching upper floor and bushes are a perfect place to hide.
10. Turn on the lights if you are away in the evening. This will make the burglar think somebody is home.
We hope that our advice will help you reach the top-safety of your home and you`ll never experience burglary in your own house.